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All You Need to Know About Four Points

Four Points Retriever Club is affiliated with the North American Hunting Retriever Association. Find out more about NAHRA at:



Kelly Farms training nights occur seasonally (May through August) on Thursdays. To find out more about the FPRC training nights, contact Troy Callanan.


If you join us for a training night, you will want to have a printed copy of this map: Kelly Farms Map


Our training nights are all about building a solid relationship between the handler and their dog. Our experienced members help those who are new to training a hunting dog. Everything works much better if everyone pitches in. Read this document and you will know what to expect and what is expected to make our training group a success: Kelly Farms Training Guidelines


The FPRC Membership Form


Hunt Test Secretary provides information about upcoming NAHRA hunt tests.


The NAHRA Upland Retriever Program rules.


View the NAHRA Central Region page for information on clubs and hunt tests in the Central Region.