Four Points Retriever Club

Welcome to the Four Points Retriever Club

FPRC was founded in 2003 and has grown it’s membership each year by being a very active club. The name “Four Points Retriever Club” comes from our original members’ locations in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Alexandria and Duluth.  FPRC holds monthly meetings, training days, seminars and NAHRA tests.  Our members find the club to be a year round training resource.

Reasons to join a dog training club:

  • Training dates with club birds, equipment and helpers
  • Knowledgeable people to help you train your dog
  • Opportunity to test your dog at NAHRA field tests

Our Mission Statement:

FPRC and its’ members are committed to education, retriever training and testing, and safety for all individuals, especially during Hunt Test events.  Since firearms and live and blank loads are utilized in the course of FPRC events, safety should be top-of-mind and never compromised in any situation.  The Club has been established with common goals for individuals who compete in NAHRA Field Tests, or those who desire to bring out the natural abilities of hunting retrievers as good conservation tools.

Membership in FPRC requires each member be an integral “working” part of the Club  not just a “paid” member who shows up to run his/her dog at events.  In order for FPRC to succeed in its’ purpose, the members of FPRC are the “links” to “make it happen”.  Whether on a Hunt Test Committee, setting up Fun Events, educating and/or assisting others (including the general public) in retriever training, judging, or throwing birds from a boat in the middle of nowhere, each of these tasks are important and vital to the longevity of FPRC.

Come Join Us:

Potential members are always welcome at our meetings and summer training nights.  To find out more email the Four Points Retriever Club.